Bahamian Culture

The only thing richer than nature in the Bahamas is the culture of the people. A people as warm as the sun that bathes the islands year-round, as hospitable as any the world over, and as engaging as the story of their history.

Turtlegrass Resort

Supporting the Community

Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club is proud to partner with local organizations across the Exumas. We believe that our success is rooted in partnering with our neighbors and are committed to supporting the local organizations that help the community to thrive. We proudly sponsor the following groups:

  • Bahamas National Trust - The exclusive funding resource for Bahamas National Parks and protected areas
  • Friends of Exuma - Focused on conservation, sustainable living, cultural preservation, and youth development for the Exumas
  • National Family Island Regatta - One of the most significant sailing races in the Exumas attracting  thousands of visitors to the area
  • Run for Pompey - A local marathon named after a historic hero that raises money for scholarships
  • Tour de Turquoise - A cycling event that raises funds for numerous Exuma charities
Artist-in-Residence program

Promoting the arts of Exuma

Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club has launched the first Artist-in-Residence program in Exuma, started in June 2023 with local Exumian painter, Emmanuel Clarke, who returned home after years in the US and Europe, deciding that there was no more magnificent place to paint and portray than his own back yard.

Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay

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Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
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