Committed to Conservation

Promoting and conserving the natural beauty of Exuma is the focus of Turtlegrass Beach and Island Club.


Being responsible and fostering awareness to do more with less

We do not use the word sustainable loosely. We live up to it at every step along the way from design to occupancy, energy to waste management. Some of the features that are key to achieving peak sustainability include:

  • Maximum Use of Solar power
  • Development with No Dredging
  • Protect Coral Reefs
  • Support Marine Life Ecology
  • Source Food from Island Gardens & Trees
  • Promote Water Consumption Awareness
  • Responsible Waste Management
Turtlegrass islands
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
sea grass

Protecting sea grass is vital for the environment

The sea grass meadows at Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club offer shelter and food to all sorts of marine species including sea turtles, conch and shellfish, and act as nurseries for numerous fish species. Beyond biodiversity, sea grass is known as “the lungs of the earth,” consuming massive amounts carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen that we breathe. We are dedicated to preserving the intricate ecosystems of our oceans by protecting the sea grass surrounding the island.

curly-tailed lizard

Looking after our curly-tailed friends

The curly-tailed lizard, indigenous to the Bahamas, has been a symbol of resilience and adaptation. This distinct reptile, recognized by its uniquely curled tail, plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance by controlling insect populations and serving as prey for larger predators. The rich history and ecological significance of the curly-tailed lizard makes it a vital species, whose preservation is integral for maintaining biodiversity and ecological harmony around the island.

curly tailed lizard
tropical bird
bird lovers

A safe haven for tropical birds

Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club serves as a sanctuary for a wide range of tropical birds. The diverse ecosystems of the island, from salt marshes to serene shores, provide suitable habitats and abundant food resources for a flourishing bird population. Bird lovers are presented a unique spectacle of biodiversity and a chance to observe their behaviors and characteristics in this idyllic setting. Protecting the native bird community not only contributes to their conservation but also fosters an appreciation and deeper understanding of the rich and varied bird life among visitors and locals alike.


Working with local partners to promote conservation

The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is just a few miles north of Turtlegrass and is home to the second largest coral barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.  Funded by the Bahamas National Trust , this exceptional marine reserve protects over 112,000 acres of land and sea through surveillance and patrols by game wardens. Turtlegrass Resort & Island Club ownership is working in partnership with the Bahamas National Trust to enhance and expand the protection of this park as well as Moriah Harbour Cay near Georgetown.

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

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Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
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