What is Turtlegrass?


Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club is designed to be a premier ecotourism destination, immersing visitors with “hands-on” learning experiences in the multicolored waters of the Bahamas.  An island resort that promotes education about conservation in every aspect of the guest experience.  This is such a magnificent and unique place – from the moment I encountered it, I wanted to create a resort that embraced its wonder and supports the communities that make it so special.

Founder - Turtlegrass
Turtlegrass Resort

A tropical getaway amidst the majesty of the Exumas

Known as a primary habitat for conch, fish, and turtles, Bahamians refer to the lush beds of seagrass surrounding many of the undeveloped islands in the central region of the Exumas as “turtlegrass”.  Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club, located on Big Sampson Cay, is designed to provide a classic Bahamian experience featuring spectacular views with large gathering facilities, beachfront cottages, and storybook snorkeling among the turtlegrass that surrounds the island.


Surrender to nature and thrive sustainably

Breathtaking waters that steal your words and leave you speechless. Lush plant life, living coral reefs, and currents in a cut attracting an array of fish, rays, conch, and sea turtles – evidence that in rare places, the oceans are very much alive. We strive to remain in harmony with this delicate ecosystem at every step, from design to occupancy, energy to waste management.

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Turtlegrass sea grape
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay

Promoting wellness, fitness and leisure

A body in harmony with its surroundings is a body that performs at its best. At Turtlegrass Resort and Island Club, wellness and fitness are priorities. Fine cuisine will include farm-to-table offerings from island gardens and trees. Yoga on the beach and in hilltop venues, a fitness center, nature trails, and watersports for every sort of adventure to embrace the stunning blue-green waters of the Exumas.


Always serving food from the islands

Offering a taste of the islands, we prioritize using naturally-grown native produce and ingredients such as coconut, soursop, pomegranate, starfruit, mango, citrus, limes, cocoplum, and guava. Our menu features fresh eggs, honey, chicken, and fish, along with beverages crafted from locally sourced fruits, including the renowned skyjuice made from coconut water. Educational initiatives about our natural growing techniques are also a staple, and we will employ a dedicated gardener to nurture our ingredients.

Turtlegrass Resort

Discover Turtlegrass Resort & Island Club

Simple Yet Elegant

Enjoy a unique private beach experience with effortless yet luxurious amenities

Conscious of the Environment

Powered primarily by solar with a focus on teaching guests about conservation

Premium Ecotourism Experiences

Easy access to high quality nature adventures both above and below the water

Utilize Island Resources

Source food from island trees and gardens, chickens, fishing and bees

Embrace Local Culture

Hosting local artists and craftspeople to promote their art and crafts to guests

Hands-On Education

Encourage learning and awareness of conservation throughout the guest experience

Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
Turtlegrass Resort - Big Sampson Cay
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